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Peer Programming Hub is World's first and only community that organizes a Gamified Coding Camp. With the help of this Camp, the Campers move through 4 levels of the 4 week long CP-Camp by being consistent.

What is CP Camp ?

Peer Programming Hub organises the 4 week long CP-Camp. The game has 4 levels - Sergeants, Knights, Captains, Commanders and the final survivors become the WarLords.
Participants are required to maintain their STREAK in order to progress both in the game as well as their learning. The camp is completely automated and held online.

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Rules of CP Camp


Maintain your Coding Streak and earn the certificate if you emerge as a CAPTAIN, COMMANDER or WARLORD.

Our Founder

Satakshi Garg

Founder, Manager and Lead Developer SDE Intern@Amazon, WE @Google

Our Mentors

Koustav Dhar

Candidate Master
Upcoming SWE@Google


Candidate Master
SWE @Microsoft

Dinesh Goyal

International Master
Intern @Quantbox

Parul Bansal

Candidate Master
Ex Intern@Rubrik

Nirav Jain

Candidate Master
SDE Intern@Zeta Suite

Sahil Kundu


Varun Maddipati

Analyst @Goldman Sachs

Ankit Chauhan

Candidate Master
Student IIT Jodhpur

Manasvi Gaur

Candidate Master
Student DTU

Himanshu Aggarwal

Candidate Master
CSE Undergrad
CP Camp mentors come from industry leading companies

What Ex-CP Campers say about us ?

The best thing about PPH is consistency, for most I learnt a map data structure because you suggested the trick to learn any new DS, so because of that I was able solve the 1st question of today's question using map easily...thanks a lot..

Harsh Thumar

I am a 1st year student and a beginner but in PPH, many questions which I was able to solve, are asked as problems, so I'm able to help others. This boosts my morale and self confidence. And the most helpful one is that I'm able to solve 5 problems daily which appeared as an impossible task to me initially.

Ishika Jain

The Game is really helping.. I solved B problem for the first time in a contest and almost C also.

Ansh Shah

I have learned new concepts and logic just because of consistent programming. My fear towards programming is reducing day by day and I feel confident.

Geetika Sethi

I developed a habit of programming because of PPH. I started participating in contests. The discussions on the group is very healthy.

Khushi Sinha

It is a community that is ever ready to help peers with their difficulties. PPH teaches how to begin with CP and how to take it as a sport and not as a competition. PPH helped me improve my problem solving skills. Now I don't fear solving coding questions in any contest.


The most amazing thing about PPH is its consistency and the fact that if you don’t solve questions regularly, you might just break your streak.

Chetna Mittal

PPH has got good structure for building habit of problem solving. Awesome collaboration with teammates and defined ladders for Codeforces which I didn't know about earlier.

Vaibhav Pathak

Solving 5 questions a day makes me learn new concepts every day. From many days I was thinking to start solving questions on a daily basis, and at that point of time came to know about PPH, so yes it is helping to achieve what I was thinking!!

Mitul Jain

The community is helping students to build consistency and discipline through form of game.

Ashutosh Yadav

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